28 06 2021

ElevenEs team is growing

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ElevenEs team is growing

As part of an on-boarding program, CEO Nemanja Mikac (bottom right) welcomed ElevenEs’ new team members in a video call on 25th June 2021. He was joined by COO/CFO Daniel Einhäuser (top left) and Milan Vukovic (top 2nd from left) who is in charge of the lab equipment.

Djordje Stojanovic (top 2nd from right), Katarina Selenic and Boban Spalovic (bottom left) will strengthen the teams' research capabilities and Ivan Stanisin (bottom row in the middle) has joined as laboratory technician to work in ElevenEs’ brand new research lab in Subotica.

“We are very happy that we were able to convince you guys to join ElevenEs; obviously battery experts are in high demand in Europe and Serbia has got great talents in this field,” said Nemanja and Daniel added that “we will continue hiring and are co-operating with technical high schools in order to train the talent for the future already today.”

Djordje, who is doing his Master as an Electrochemical Engineer at the University of Belgrade was “very proud of being part of a company that will transform energy storage in Serbia and Europe.”

Katarina, who has just graduated from her Master studies at  the Technical University of Munich (TUM) seized the opportunity to come back to her home country: “I would like to make a difference by joining ElevenEs.”

The ElevenEs lab will be operational as of the beginning of July and everyone was looking forward to meeting there in person.

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    ElevenEs team is growing

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